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Never before has the Australian dance community been celebrated and documented in print to inspire and educate the next generation of Australian dancers. 


From commercial dancers, choreographers, and musical theatre stars to ballet, contemporary and tap icons, Light The Way - Inspiring stories from Australian dancers offers an insight into the lives of these artistic leaders and influencers whose talent, drive and determination have shaped the industry in Australia. 


Over 50 Australian dancers and creatives, including the biggest names in the business, have been interviewed for the first edition of Light The Way. Find out everything you've ever wanted to know about the icons of Australian dance, as well as your favourite current commercial performers and creatives.


They share career highlights, insider tips, setbacks and incredible experiences of their time in the Australian performing arts industry and this must-have book will take you behind the scenes from the past 50 years! 

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Don’t forget to follow us on our Instagram page to be a part of our daily artist reveals. Light The Way has stories and insights from over 55 incredibly talented dancers, choreographers and industry creatives that will motivate and inspire.

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2021 DANCE



To complement the first edition of the book, the 2021 Dance Diary & Journal is designed to be a tool for young dancers to assist them in becoming organised and inspired in their creative space.

Putting pen to paper can be a challenge, however, with the 2021 Dance Diary & Journal, we have created steps to help your young dancer set goals and motivate them to achieve their dancing dreams, one pirouette at a time!

Monthly, the diary includes fun and interesting dance activities to broaden your young dancers’ knowledge and understanding of the Australian dance world. This expertly curated book has been designed to encourage young dancers to explore the history of choreography, different dance styles and genres, iconic dance movies and dance documentaries.

It is a perfect gift for the budding young dancer, just in time for Christmas.

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