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COVID-19 has created uncertainty across many communities and industries, with the performing arts and live entertainment sectors one of the worst hit. The devastating impact of these shutdowns has been felt far and wide and the mental-health and wellbeing of performing artists in Australia is crucial at this unprecedented time.


As well as celebrating the incredible dancers in Australia to tell their story to the younger generation, we also want our book to help an industry that has seen so many thrive and live the life they were born to, on the stage or creating for it! Because of this, the producers of Light The Way will be donating a portion of sales to THE ARTS WELLBEING COLLECTIVE a nation-wide initiative that comprises a consortium of arts and cultural organisations working together to promote positive mental health and wellbeing in the performing arts.


Since launching in 2016 the Arts Wellbeing Collective has:


•Delivered more than 100 workshops and 70 presentations

•Met with leadership teams of 40+ performing arts companies to strategise the promotion of positive mental health in      their workplace

•Developed and delivered a range of resources for production teams, touring companies, performing artists and more

•Enabled professional help-seeking through the Support Act Wellbeing Helpline

•Rolled out tailored, accredited Mental Health First Aid training to nearly 200 performing arts practitioners

•Confirmed more than 300 member organisations


We particularly love the creation of the Support Act Wellbeing Helpline – a free, confidential phone counselling service, available 24/7 to anyone anywhere in Australia who works in the performing arts industry. Working in this industry can be tough, and COVID-19 continues to greatly impact the entire sector. Performers can call the Support Act Wellbeing Helpline to speak with a qualified professional for support, counselling or coaching on any aspect of their mental health and wellbeing.


We know you will agree that this amazing organisation is something that is needed in our industry now more than ever. It is our hope that this book not only raises much needed funds to help The Arts Wellbeing Collective continue to deliver the amazing services it offers, but to also create awareness that something like this exists for those in the industry who are suffering and need help at this time in their lives.


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